What is the 1000 to 1000 challenge

The thousand to thousand challenge is a fundraising initiative to fund a Stem Cell Robot for research into Ushers Syndrome and other genetic hearing and vision disabilities. Funds raised through the Challenge will be dedicated to research being done by Perth’s Lions Eye Institute (LEI)  and Telethon Speech and Hearing.

The Thousand to Thousand Challenge has a goal of 1000 schools throughout WA rising to the challenge of raising $1000 each.


(Usher Syndrome – a serious condition that causes deafness and blindness in childhood.)

(Stem Cell Robot – accelerates research by automating the preparatory work needed for each stem cell experiment.)

How does the challenge work?

This is a year-long challenge since some schools have asked for more time to be able to fit an event into their curriculum. During the initial challenge phase schools that are challenged by another school can accept the challenge, and then challenge another school in turn. The actual fundraising events can occur at some future date within the challenge year – aiming to end mid-year 2020. Schools may also self-challenge by accepting the challenge without nomination. They then earn the right to challenge their rival schools.

How does my school join in the challenge?

Schools can join the challenge in one of two ways:

  1. Sign-up and accept a challenge issued by another school
  2. Sign up and self-challenge