GEnE Warriors is a not-for-profit charity organisation created with the express purpose of funding a stem cell robot (in partnership with the Lions Eye Institute), and for raising funds to support ongoing clinical research into Ushers Syndrome and other vision and hearing conditions which receive little attention.

Our Vision

To find a treatment or cure for Usher Syndrome and other vision and hearing disorders.

Our Mission

Obtain a “Stem Cell Robot” through fundraising and lobbying government, and fund research activities  to be conducted through selected partners/beneficiaries.

Set up an income-generating facility and perform fundraising activities to provide ongoing funding for this research.

Raise awareness of genetic vision and hearing disorders and  promote early genetic testing and early intervention.

Our People

Our directors are parents, businessmen, educators and medical professionals. They have all been exposed to children with genetic diseases related to vision and hearing, either through their work or through friends and family members.

In addition to GEnE Warriors, Theuns is a director of an accounting and financial services company. He has worked across multiple continents performing services for mining and exploration, oil and gas, Not-for-profits, property development, construction and insurance clients, as well as Indigenous corporations.

Theuns Klopper


As a director of two training organisations, Wayne has experience to run a business, as well as a history of involvement with not-for-profit organisations. He has over 15 years of pre-hospital on-road experience, as a Paramedic and then as a Paramedic Training Coordinator, Industrial trainer and also management of an ambulance service provider.

Wayne van Biljon


Maddison is an Occupational Therapist in paediatrics working with children who experience hearing and visual difficulties. She is also an adaptive yoga instructor to people with disabilities. Maddison has had past experience working in mental health hospitals and physical rehabilitation wards. She advocates client and family centredness, evidence-based practices and has an occupational focus. Maddison is passionate and hard-working, she strives to help her clients live the best life they can. 

Maddison Balk


Simon is a teacher of the deaf but has also been a mainstream ICT teacher, a special needs teacher, a Special Education Unit Coordinator and a School Principal. He has extensive experience working with children with hearing difficulties.

Simon Tomlinson


As a mother of children afflicted by Usher Syndrome, Bronwyn has firsthand knowledge of the difficulties experienced by children with hearing and vision handicaps. As a teacher she also appreciates the special effort and techniques needed to keep these children educated on-par with their peers. She is passionate about finding cures and therapies for afflicted children and was instrumental in starting this charity to further research in this area.

Bronwyn Doak


Andrew is an IT professional, and along with Bronwyn, lives with the daily challenges faced by his children with hearing and vision impairment, as well as the reality of their long-term prognosis – which is why he is also passionate about research into vision and hearing disorders and their potential therapies.

Andrew Doak